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Mobile featured for baby

October 14, 2009

My little birds mobile was featured on Rebecca’s blog to celebrate for her new baby to come, wow!!



Cute mobiles

July 30, 2009

You don’t know how excited when I saw my work on “supah cute”!!  Thank you Hana!!


Proposal for exhibition

July 2, 2008

Messed up in my room!! 

I have been busy with making the proposal for submission to the art gallery for my exhibition.  My proposal could roll up and will have ribbon and flowers tie on top later.

I have added some little birdies in my shop finally!!  You could get them here:

I have to back to work on my proposal now as half of it been done and I need to fasten up (and need to clean my room)!!  😛

Have a great day!!

Millinery world and birdie

June 23, 2008

I love fresh flowers but I also love millinery flowers!!

They are bought from my sweet friend Holly.  She found these pretty millinery and I just love them especially the big roses which are difficult to find now.  And thank you for the extras and postcard (Holly said the image was from my garland she made for me)!!

Is this aqua hat delicious?  This hat in great details and shapes and it is one of my favourite now!!

These millinery are originally from vintage hats but I teared them off from the hats for the use of my crafting projects.  Pink and aqua again, lovely!!

I have been working with these cute birdie last week.  They will turn into cute mobiles finally (but still in the progress).

Raining day

June 16, 2008

Running dogs and cats for the past 2 weeks and hopfully, this week will be the same wet wet wet!!!  I do like raining but don’t like raining so long, I just feel moody!! and I can’t start any photo shooting of my new creations!!

Some new designs are now available in my shop (

And, more birds in the house!!

Wooden bird and crown necklaces

June 9, 2008

These bird and crown necklaces are my designs.  They are from vintage image and then stick on wood and cut their shapes.  Are they lovely?  You could get those pieces here (!!


Vintage bells in the shop!!

May 5, 2008

Remember the vintage crepe paper bells I shown you last week?  They have been dressed up and now in my shop ( too!!  So pretty when they done!!  The bells are in limited edition so get to grab one as fast as you can!!  I will make one for myself and hang it in my room!!

Snow white bell


Blue ballerina bell

And some new design of the necklaces are also in my shop:-

Also, pink and baby blue vintage bingo cards set:

Crepe paper bells

May 3, 2008

I love these vintage crepe paper bells when the first time I saw them.  They are old and from 1950’s.  Do you smell their past?  I just keep 2 for myself and others will be available in my shop soon.

I have some ideas for these bells and they will be for sell in my shop later this week. 

And lovely goodies which I bought lately:-

My favourite as always, millinery flowers

Glittler bottle, I just love it shapes!!

Bird in nest which I ordered from Heidi.

Lovely gift tag as a free gift attached to the nest!!  I love it!!  I will probaby use it as a bookmark.

Oh gosh!!  why my orders are all in pink?  hehe ….. I am a pink lady now.

Birds in the nest

April 21, 2008

Guess what’s I am working on?


This is my first time for making a bird wedding cake topper!!  Fun and interesting!!  I just love them in the nest with white and pink embellishments!!

Finished!!  This couple will be available in my shop ( later today.

Spring colors

March 28, 2008

Let’s welcome our Spring!!

Flowers blooming and birds singing [SOLD]



and grass turning green


These pieces now available in my shop (!!  Enjoy!!