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Holiday shopping

November 26, 2009

I have created some new jewelries for my shop – for the coming Christmas!!  Let’s start shopping!!

Enjoy shopping!!

Photos sharing

November 14, 2009
<span style="Exhausted when travel back in town everytime.  Travelling is to relax your soul or to enjoy your life, but why I am sooo tired now?!
Autumn end in Jiuzhaigou, no snow and most of the red leaves were disappeared, only remaining a few.  Lucky that the tourists are not too much here (you should know there will be 30,000 tourists visist here daily in the hot season).





Fairy wonderland – the green and blue lakes, the green, yellow, orange and red leaves I love the most!!





Clear water that you can see the bottom




Sunset in Hong Kong


WOW, saving money to my next stop, Greece!!

I am back

November 12, 2009

Hello girls, I am back in town!!

Most of the orders have been shipped out via airmail today.  Tired but thank you for your support of my work!!

I will share some of my photos taken in Jiouzhaigou later this week.

Shop update – Vacation

November 1, 2009

Shop update!!

Girls, I will be on holiday starting from 5 November to my dream fairyland, Jiuzhaigou (China).  My etsy shop ( will keep open for your shopping but all orders will only be shipped out when I back in town on 11 November.  Enjoy your shopping!!

Wow!!  The red, yellow and green leaves, the lakes and the natures are waiting for me!!  I can’t wait!!

Freda  🙂