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More feature

August 19, 2009

Featured again!!

This time is my necklace design.  I am sooo happy and surprised!!  Thank you for loving my work!!  wow!!



August 18, 2009
wow!!  My sweet flowers gift tags and doggie wedding cake topper featured on:-
I am sooo excited!!  Thank you for loving my work!!  That’s really encouraging and my working turbo speed up again!!

Fresh my mind

August 17, 2009

Thinking new designs for my shop.  Time is less but lot of things to do (when you have a full time job)!!

When I could work as full time in my etsy shop??

My mind full with flowers and fresh ideas, and I am now working on the jewelry for bridal!! I have added some pretty vintage crafting kits in my shop. You could find all the kits here –

I hope you will love it and enjoy!!




And my favourite designer Jun Takahashi on cover!!


Doggies on front page!!

August 7, 2009

wow!!  my doggies wedding cake topper on etsy front page today!!  I am sooo surprised!!


My vintage collection

August 5, 2009

Did you do shopping lately?

I have been fall in love with the vintage jewelry and keep watching and shopping on these. You could find some pretty jewelries on etsy sometimes!!

Now I share what I have bought for these few months. They are just lovely and you can’t deny them!!

Assorted flowers…..including brooch, bracelet and earrings


we have snow white…..


and aqua blossom…..


Sleep late at night to watch my recent favourite Japanese cartoon “bleach”.  I now need to off-line to watch it!!  Talk to you later, enjoy with the flowers!!


August 3, 2009

I ordered this lovely and pretty pincushion on etsy and it arrived to me yesterday!!

Sooo pretty, huh??  Made by velvet fabric and embellished with millinery flowers on top and dangling with a cute berry.  Wonderful and it now placed in my studio!!