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Velvet strawberry

April 28, 2009

I love strawberry!!

I also love to collect too!!  But they are very difficult to find (especially in Hong Kong) and these pretties are just added to my collection!!  Delicious, huh??  Really brighten up my day (and hope you too)!! 





Signature line of jewelry

April 18, 2009

My signature line jewlery has been featured on Modish!!  I am sooo excited!!  See what the editor choosen from my work!!modish

Bridal jewelry

April 12, 2009

I have created some new designs for the bridal lately.   They are carefully handmade with pretty rhinestone flower pendant with pearls attached.  Do you love them?  Now available in my shop –

Venus love necklace


Pretty pearls bracelet


And, my bracelet featured on etsy!!



April 10, 2009

Like a busy bee as usual!!

Less time on blogging!!  Less time to sleep!!  Less time to drawings!!  I found I have spent too much time on my etsy shop ( lately and it seems that my shop business getting a little bit better than before.  I don’t know whether I will keep it on as I really want to do more paintings.  But I think I will keep working hard on my shop as this is the only place which is fully control by myself, I can do what I love and what I like!!  I do some shoppings and would like to share them to you!! 

Lovely handmade fairy which was handmade by Niki


Love the details!!


Dreamy hand-dyed ribbons, are they pretty?  The most beautiful ribbons I have never seen (and love their combinations)!!


And, this millinery hat now added to my collection. Collecting millinery flowers is an expensive hobby to me and as you should know there is no flea market in Hong Kong!!  And I found my flowers all from overseas usually.



Did you do shopping lately? Show me what you have bought!!

Cloud mobile

April 2, 2009

I love to make cute softies and up till now, this mobile is one of my favourite creations!!  Do you love this cloud?  No worry for raining outside and it will make you happy!!

I am sooo happy that this mobile now featured on blog!!  wow!!