Busy and sleepy

I am so sorry that I have not write up my blog for a long time. I wish I could write, share my newest find and update of my shop with you.

You can’t believe how busy I am lately. I have been crazy to find other ways to improve the selling of my etsy shop (as I hope I could quit my daily job and survive on internet), but it seems not easy to do that. I have tried to listen and share with the experience of the other bloggers and tried their suggestions. I work on my shop until 3:00a.m. everyday (I keep working like this almost a week!!) and I only sleep 4 hours a day (I am not selling online full time if you don’t know so I need to back on my day work and get up at 7:00a.m.). Oh, I just want to sleep on my bed now, sooo sleepy!!

Let me know if you have any ways that could help me to improve my business!! Thank you!!

And, here are some update of my shop (www.mykonos.etsy.com):-

Just love these, lovely seam binding and goodies on tags!!



Kiss latte necklace


Antique brass tag 14


Listen to the rhythm of the rain necklace


Are they lovely and pretty?  More and more new designs in my shop now, welcome to take a look!!  Enjoy and talk to you later!!


2 Responses to “Busy and sleepy”

  1. allib Says:

    i am a etsy seller too, i own 1 supplier shop and 1 handmade accessories store, love to see you here, and glad to know a “good sell” hong kong etsy seller.

    i think it is quite hard to maintain a full time etsy life in hongkong.

  2. nfblue Says:

    Hi there,

    I am a etsy seller and also located in HK too 🙂

    I have visited your shop, your art pieces are lovely and beautiful! Actually I have the same thought with you. I always thinking about the best ways to improve my business recently, I wish I could make my life by doing my own business. However, it’s really not that easy …

    Hope you could success and have a better selling (actually your business is not bad, haha 🙂 ) All the best!

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