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Velvet ribbons

February 23, 2009

I ordered these pretty ruffles velvet ribbons from Heather. Are they beautiful? Heather is a talented artist and create a lot of pretty things such as millinery hats, goodies and hand-dyed  ribbon and of course, these pretties are her latest work!!  I just love her work!!


OK, cannot wait to share my creation for the Easter holiday!!  These egg baskets are full of crafting materials such as millinery flowers, seam bindings and glitter with a little chick inside.  Sooo cute!!  They will be available in my shop ( early next week.  Welcome to have a look!!



Featured again!!

February 22, 2009

I am sooo glad that my flowers necklace now featured on the etsy treasury list!!  2 items in one week!!  I am so surprised!!


Etsy treasury!!

February 20, 2009

wow, my “kiss latte” necklace included in one of the etsy treasury!!  I am sooo happy and just want to share with you!!


All orders have been packed and shipped and you guys will be received your orders soon!!  Enjoy and thank you for your support (with all of your sweet compliment to my creations) again!!

I am working on some new creations for the next holiday season.  Yes, Easter is coming!!  Eggs, paints, ribbons and little chicks now full in my working room!!  I am very enjoyed with the process of my creation and the Easter eggs will hopfully be available next week.  So stay tune and you will find one you love!!  I will show you some photos before I list them in my shop ( 

Talk to you soon.

Busy and sleepy

February 11, 2009

I am so sorry that I have not write up my blog for a long time. I wish I could write, share my newest find and update of my shop with you.

You can’t believe how busy I am lately. I have been crazy to find other ways to improve the selling of my etsy shop (as I hope I could quit my daily job and survive on internet), but it seems not easy to do that. I have tried to listen and share with the experience of the other bloggers and tried their suggestions. I work on my shop until 3:00a.m. everyday (I keep working like this almost a week!!) and I only sleep 4 hours a day (I am not selling online full time if you don’t know so I need to back on my day work and get up at 7:00a.m.). Oh, I just want to sleep on my bed now, sooo sleepy!!

Let me know if you have any ways that could help me to improve my business!! Thank you!!

And, here are some update of my shop (

Just love these, lovely seam binding and goodies on tags!!



Kiss latte necklace


Antique brass tag 14


Listen to the rhythm of the rain necklace


Are they lovely and pretty?  More and more new designs in my shop now, welcome to take a look!!  Enjoy and talk to you later!!

Vote for me!!

February 5, 2009

My ivory rose earrings included on the etsy “Loveliest ladies item” list!!  Vote for me and the top favorite items will be featured in the season of love gift guides and on the etsy blog.

You could vote for me here –