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December 26, 2008

Happy boxing day!!

I am so exciting today!!  As spoken before,  I will release some prints of my painting and I am happy to announce that they are ready today!!

I am so happy as you know, painting is my love and I really hope it could become my career oneday.  Hope you will love the prints!!

The prints are all limited edition and printed on Conqueror high white wove paper including border for framing.

To purchase:

if you’d like to make an order, email us here:-

tell us which ones you want to order and we will send you the paypal link


go to my etsy shop to order –

Let’s go to my little world!!
















New printing

December 13, 2008

Wow!!  I am so happy to tell you that my latest painting is finally release!!

You don’t know how exciting I am!!  Limited edition for only 95.  Hope you will love my painting!!

If you want to order, email me and I will send you a paypal invoice or just go to my etsy shop ( to grab one.

Whale – to be released on 26 December 2008 (US$38 + US$8 int’l shipping)


In the loop

December 9, 2008

I don’t know why I feel so depress today.

May be I have been under so much pressure lately, or I feel that I am lonely.  I just find myself standing near a loop and will fall into the dark anytime.  I am worry….. worry about my painting life, daily career, money, the low sale rate of my shop, so many things that I need to face. 

Will someone pull me out from the loop and rescue me?  or may be I just need to eat some chocolates to make me happy.

Thanks for reading my feelings and I hope I will feel better soon.

Etsy treasury!!

December 4, 2008

wow, my little mice wedding cake topper has been included in one of the etsy treasury!!  I am sooo happy!!


Vintage velvet strawberry

December 3, 2008

wow!!  My sweet friend Denise sent me some vintage velvet strawberries in the package I received yesterday.  I am so surprised and I have been searching for these velvet strawberries for a long long time!!  It is very difficult to find them as here (Hong Kong) we don’t have any flea market to find great vintage treasury.  They are in my collection now!!  I am sooo happy!!

My next target will be for pink velvet strawberry!!  Do you have some that I could buy from you??


New goodies in the shop

December 1, 2008

I have update some new goodies in my shop ( for your holiday shopping!!  Enjoy!!

Shabby goodies on playing cards [SOLD]


Other goodies kits



This lovely couple are also in the house!!


I just love this vintage brooch!!  Pretty, huh?? [SOLD]


More X’mas kits will be in the shop within this week, so stay tuned!!  Enjoy shopping!!