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I am on blog!!

October 30, 2008

wow!!  My swing swing birdie necklace has been featured on blog!!  I am so excited and thank you Lani!!

Millinery leaves, also on Creature Comforts too!!


More updates

October 28, 2008

Busy for planning with my aunt the route for our holiday in Japan in early November.  Finding hotels, eating places and sights.  We have fun to plan for our trip!!

I have added some goodies in my shop (  Welcome to come to have a look!!

This one is my favourite!!  Just love the big pink millinery flower and the star ward!!  Delicious!!

Lovely basket with little birdie [SOLD]


Japan trip

October 23, 2008

I will be going to Sapporo, Japan in early next month for a little break and this is my first time to Japan and I can’t wait to go there!!  : )

I am a busy bee and now working on the wedding cake toppers, alphabet stitching, preparing goodies kits for Christmas in my shop, liaising with the artwork printings (wow, my drawings!!  I will let you know more details to purchase later).

I have added some new goodies in my shop (!!

Pink and white twine wrapped with little flower lace, sooo pretty!!

Blue bird kit

500 sales

October 20, 2008

wow!!  My shop ( has reached a little goal of 500 sales today!!  I am so happy about this and thank you so much for your support!!  I will keep working hard to my shop with more new and fresh items in the future!! 

New items in my shop:-

More goodies

October 16, 2008

I have added some new goodies in my shop now, just come to my shop ( to have a look as I am just fall in love with these goodies!!  and hope you will fall in love with them too!!


The last one cake topper has gone sooo fast!!  Candy and Eric has been on their way to US today!!  The wedding will be held on end next week!!

Sorry I can’t take any cake topper orders as my Corriedale wool are out of stock and I am now waiting for my new order to come.  I will announce here when the doggie cake toppers are in the shop again.  Thanks for your patient!!


October 13, 2008

Monster dolls by UNDERCOVER displayed in a shop in Beijing.  Really want to go there to see the close-up of those lovely monsters!!

Thank you!!

October 10, 2008

Cynthia and Kevin will be flying to US for their romantic and new life today!!

Actually all of my wedding cake toppers have been sold out in my shop (I can’t believe that this is the truth!!).  Thank you for all your sweet and warm comments and saying that how much you love your cake toppers!!

I have remembered the first topper I made was just for fun and I am not expected the doggies could bring me more business and now they became the signature item in my shop (!!  Thank you for all your support of my wedding cake toppers!!  Thank you little doggies!! 

p.s.  I am now in the process of making one doggie cake topper and it will be ready in my shop early next week.

New items

October 8, 2008

I have added quite a lot of goodies/millinery flowers in my shop (  Just love their combinations!!  Do you love them too??

Let’s dance with the sweet ballerina!!

Love the outcome of this set tied up by this pretty lace!!

More millinery flowers set:-

I am worked again in my alphabet project lately.  Mind is more fresh after stopped this project and taking rest for 2 weeks.  I will show you some photos later.  Have a sweet day, ladies!!