Make a wish

Do you have a wish??

I want to be a painter when I was small and this is still my dream to keep me runaway to get the goal.  And I know this is a difficult path but I will keep going!!  I wish I could draw everything and do the things I love!!

How about your dream??  Tell me if you want to share here!!

I got this pretty powder puff lately and I thought I really like a magic stick rather than a powder puff, right?  So tell me your wish I will make it true!!  hehe

I have added some vintage items in my shop (, welcome to take a look and they are just sweetie!!


I am very sick during the last 2 days, coughing and fever, but I feel better now (blessing only have coughing today).  And I also wish everyone will have a healthy body!! 


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One Response to “Make a wish”

  1. Lilac Says:

    nice one , reminds me days I collect all those Edwardarin / Victorian treats , can’t help falling in love with, even now…………..all so stunning. May I wish you Victorian love journal full of surprises and romance.

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