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Undercover Spring 2009

September 30, 2008

Yes, my “Undercover” again!!

Jun Takahashi held his S/S fashion show in Paris yesterday.  This time all clothes are in white and named “Graces”.  The accessories and shoes seem funny and I love them!!


This one piece is my favourite pick!!  What do you think??


More new updates in my shop!!

September 29, 2008

I have created some new millinery conflictions, millinery flowers with laces and trims.  These crafting set now available in my shop (  Hope you will love them!!  Just love their tones!!



This little guy is now available in my shop too!!  Little Yandy, say hi!!

Another sweek couple, will be on their way to UK this time!!  Take care of yourself, Dorothy and Mark!!

Millinery flowers in my shop

September 22, 2008

New millinery flowers have been arrived at my door and I am thinking how to work with them in my shop (  May be velvet ribbons and millinery flowers confection!!

And some new goodies packages available in my shop too!!  Enjoy!!

Lovely jewelry box

September 18, 2008

I am so happy today!!  I have received this lovely vintage jewelry box filled with sweet goodies, eye candy right?? 

All girls like pink?  Actually I don’t like pink, at least I won’t put any pink (like clothes) on me, but after I touched with etsy I found most of the girls like pink and I love this color much more than before, so I am a girl now righ??  : )

I hope I could have a place to display this jewelry box in my home (but I don’t have any place at the moment).  So I need to work hard to save money to find a place for my own (and my studio).  Oh, I must work hard and harder to achieve my goal!!  Wish me success.

Hey girls, what have you bought lately?  any sharing??


September 16, 2008

I love Autumn.

I have added some new romantic and fresh items to my shop (  Hope you all will love them!!





Pretties again

September 10, 2008

Now sharing of what I bought lately with you again!!

Pretty lace doily and I just love the pattern when the first time I saw it!!

This little millinery flowers wreath temporarily hang up in my seat at the offices.

I bought these floral hankies on etsy, are they pretty?  Some plans in my mind to use them for……….this is a secret but I will let you know later!!

The top one is my favourite, how about you??

The purple blooming ribbon sample set now in my shop (

Rosie and Jack

September 9, 2008

Bye!!  This lovely couple now heading to US for their new romantic and sweet life!!

Take care!!

Shop updates

September 8, 2008

Time flies by on weekend, do you agree?

I am busy as usual and preparing some of my drawings and will get them to the printers for printing soon.  And they will be ready for sale in my etsy shop next month (I hope).

I have added some new items in my shop including two new wedding cake toppers, ribbons set and millinery flowers, you could find them here (, enjoy!!

Falling leaves clothespins – I just love the tone!!  Do you love it too?

Bunch of lovely millinery flowers brooches

Rose applique ribbon set

Make a wish

September 1, 2008

Do you have a wish??

I want to be a painter when I was small and this is still my dream to keep me runaway to get the goal.  And I know this is a difficult path but I will keep going!!  I wish I could draw everything and do the things I love!!

How about your dream??  Tell me if you want to share here!!

I got this pretty powder puff lately and I thought I really like a magic stick rather than a powder puff, right?  So tell me your wish I will make it true!!  hehe

I have added some vintage items in my shop (, welcome to take a look and they are just sweetie!!


I am very sick during the last 2 days, coughing and fever, but I feel better now (blessing only have coughing today).  And I also wish everyone will have a healthy body!!