Life without camera

Having a week for rest of my shop, I am finally back today!! 

You should know I am a workaholic and I am working hard in my etsy shop everyday.  My camera was not working due to an accident and it has sent for repair for a week and it is now back with me!!  LOL!!

This is a good time (and hard time) for me to take a rest and refresh my mind for creation.  I have been enjoying and working on my alphabet project (now only 9 alphabet have been finished), my working speed is soooo low!!   hehe…..

I have bought some pretties and they arrived to me today.  Of course, millinery flowers again.  Beauty but pricey!!

My favourite, lavender hat!!


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One Response to “Life without camera”


    wowowowowowow ~ they’re awesome, so jealous ……. am wondering are not for dolls wor ….. imaging how it looks like if you put it on your face…………ummmmm, hah….you always got very nice millinery flowers …. fairly fairly beautiful !! happy for you.

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