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New necklaces in my shop!!

July 28, 2008

I have added a few necklaces in my shop (  They are darling and I just love these girls!!  Do you love them too??

Miss Cindy

Miss Sally

I love you postcard necklace [SOLD]

And also some millinery flowers in my shop too!!  Enjoy and happy shopping!!  Now need to off-line to work now!!


New items in the shop

July 26, 2008

I have added something new to the shop, they are really fresh and new in my shop!!  You could find them here (

Lovely dotted swiss scraps pack – who don’t like polka dot?  They are great for your crafting projects!!

Vintage flowers jar – Old apothecary jar and I cleaned it and decorated with flowers and velvet aqua ribbon.  Great to put your beads, pearls or glitter inside it!! [SOLD]

Baby pink and blue ribbons – ribbons together with hand dyed crochet rhinestone flower which made by me.

More items will be listed later today, such as millinery flowers and straw basket!!  Stay tune!!

Life without camera

July 24, 2008

Having a week for rest of my shop, I am finally back today!! 

You should know I am a workaholic and I am working hard in my etsy shop everyday.  My camera was not working due to an accident and it has sent for repair for a week and it is now back with me!!  LOL!!

This is a good time (and hard time) for me to take a rest and refresh my mind for creation.  I have been enjoying and working on my alphabet project (now only 9 alphabet have been finished), my working speed is soooo low!!   hehe…..

I have bought some pretties and they arrived to me today.  Of course, millinery flowers again.  Beauty but pricey!!

My favourite, lavender hat!!

My proposal and the performance

July 15, 2008

This is the presentation of my proposal to the art gallery last week.  I wrapped my proposal up with millinery flowers with ribbon and lace.  And I just love the outcome of it!!

Went to a fresh and fun doll making performance by Jun Takahashi (my favourite designer).  He is so charming and talent and this is the first time I met with him in person and I am really interested in his doll making work!!  Weird but fun!!

This is the monster he made in the show!!

Finally decorated with antique dress, earrings and pearl necklace, soooo pretty!!

Pretties received today

July 3, 2008

I will now show you some pretties which I have received in a package today!!  Eye candy and I just love them!!

Vintage turned wood hat stand with shabby white paint and embellished with vintage millinery flowers.  Also look pretty for standing alone.  Great home decoration, isn’t it?

My favourite millinery flowers again!!

Embroidered creamy ivory linen napkins featuring a flower basket, lovely pattern!!  and I will use it for my alphabet project.  I am planning to list some for sale in my etsy shop later, or contact me if you are interested.

Proposal for exhibition

July 2, 2008

Messed up in my room!! 

I have been busy with making the proposal for submission to the art gallery for my exhibition.  My proposal could roll up and will have ribbon and flowers tie on top later.

I have added some little birdies in my shop finally!!  You could get them here:

I have to back to work on my proposal now as half of it been done and I need to fasten up (and need to clean my room)!!  😛

Have a great day!!