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Etsy finds

June 24, 2008

wow!!  My vintage red tape measure ribbon has been featured on etsy finds yesterday!!

Etsy Finds

This little guy has been on its way to his new home in Belgium!!

Also I have added some new scraps bags in my shop ( today.  Each pack is different and welcome to have a look!!



Millinery world and birdie

June 23, 2008

I love fresh flowers but I also love millinery flowers!!

They are bought from my sweet friend Holly.  She found these pretty millinery and I just love them especially the big roses which are difficult to find now.  And thank you for the extras and postcard (Holly said the image was from my garland she made for me)!!

Is this aqua hat delicious?  This hat in great details and shapes and it is one of my favourite now!!

These millinery are originally from vintage hats but I teared them off from the hats for the use of my crafting projects.  Pink and aqua again, lovely!!

I have been working with these cute birdie last week.  They will turn into cute mobiles finally (but still in the progress).

Sunshine and my shop

June 21, 2008

Sunny and hot today!!  “Summer” is coming!!  What will you do for Summer time?  swimming?  summer camp?  For me, I think I will be eating more ice-cream and getting weight increase, hehe!!  But I love ice-cream!!

And my shop have been listed a huge of new designs (for jewlery and pretty supply) today!!  Come to have a look to find  your favourite!!

Cute scissor and locket necklace

Lovely carriage necklace

Swing swing bird cage necklace

Telephone and flowers earrings

Romantic ballerina and ribbons set

Lovely laces and goodies on tags

Time to off now as I need to do my stitching project and enjoy my chocolate ice-cream cone!!  Come tomorrow, I will show you some delicious millinery flowers which I received lately!!

Update in the shop!!

June 20, 2008

Besides my stitching alphabet project, I have been making a number of new jewleries for my shop and I am happy to announce that there will be a huge update in my shop ( tomorrow (21 June) with my new creations!! 

You are welcome to stop by to have a look in my shop!!  I think you will love them!!

Purple roses

June 19, 2008

I take this special order to one of my customer for her wedding.  She wants me to make 3 purple rose necklaces for the bridemaids with the same design.  I am happy that she loves my design and take these on her BIG wedding day!!  Hope she have a wonderful time on the wedding party and the parcel will going out to her today!!

Raining day

June 16, 2008

Running dogs and cats for the past 2 weeks and hopfully, this week will be the same wet wet wet!!!  I do like raining but don’t like raining so long, I just feel moody!! and I can’t start any photo shooting of my new creations!!

Some new designs are now available in my shop (

And, more birds in the house!!

Antique silk and lace doll umbella

June 11, 2008

Do you believe love at first sight?

I just fall in love with this antique doll umbella when the first time I saw it on ebay.  It has dotted french lace edging with silk cover and millinery flowers on top.  It is my favourite collection right now.  Do you love it??


Embellishment kits and my new project

June 10, 2008

I have received these two lovely embellishment kits from Heather recently.  They are really great to tie on your basket, mirror or frame, whatever you like!!

I am now working on a new project, “A to Z” alphabet of Greece by vintage millinery flowers and laces preparing for my exhibition.

I feel so happy and surprise that my snow white crepe bell has been featured on today!!

Wooden bird and crown necklaces

June 9, 2008

These bird and crown necklaces are my designs.  They are from vintage image and then stick on wood and cut their shapes.  Are they lovely?  You could get those pieces here (!!


Flowers blooming

June 2, 2008

Taking break and eating my favourite chocolate.  And disovered these lovely flowers in the kitchen.  I love flowers (not only for those millinery flowers)!!  Spring is still here.

Some new stuffs just arrived and they are in my shop ( now!!  Pop in to have a look!!  They are fabulous and I just love the ledger ovals!!