Hong Kong Art Fair 2008

Went to see art exhibition last Saturday.  Enjoyed so much and I (and my little sister) have spent at least 3 hours for watching the art pieces!!  We felt exhausted after seeing all the pieces!!  This fair is really big and I think over 50 galleries group here to represent their collection.  Oh, when my pieces could held in the gallery??

Here are my favourite picks from the fair:-

One of my favourite artist Simon Beach!!



These pieces look like wire made but I think this is mady by fabric.


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2 Responses to “Hong Kong Art Fair 2008”

  1. late Says:

    hi, still awake or not? me ? yes, but I wish I could go to sleep earlier than last nite. haha. No running , not until I recovered from the flu, almost. A Grace’s sleeping, she behaves so good today, have to give her biscuit as prize. where’s the photos ar?

  2. Sheer Curtains Says:

    i use lamp shades with CFL ubls instead of incandescent lamps, they are much cooler and uses less electricity :’~

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