Sneak peek of my paintings

Thank you so much for your sweet comments (and a few sales of postcards in my etsy shop) about my drawings!!  This is so encouraging and I am now full of power to work on my paintings!!  Sometimes, you really don’t know how’s people feel about your work but you need to draw what you like/think.

I have finished most of my paintings this week.  Really want to share some of them with you (I still have a few pieces to work on)!!

The next step is to find a place for my exhibition.  You know it is quite difficult to find a place for exhibition in Hong Kong.  Hope everything run smooth!!

I have received this pretty and lovely pin cushion today!!  Great combination including velvet ribbon, pretty head pins and my favourite millinery flowers on it!!  Eye candy, huh?   



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One Response to “Sneak peek of my paintings”

  1. mycraftyways Says:

    I squeaked in front of my computer when I saw this little whale !
    So pretty !

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