My mood and the busy week

I just found I am too exhausted for the work on etsy this week (I go to bed for sleep at 2:00pm, crazy or not?  This is crazy for me!!  and I need to work for my daily job on another day). 

Yes, I need to reply all convos, update my shop and of course, looking for other declious work by other sellers!!  But I am really happy to hear for the encouraging words regarding my work from the other buyers!!  These give me power to work on!!

Karen and Jenny told me that my necklace appeared on “etsy finds” yesterday. 



My mood is not very good these few days, I just found that I can’t handle my motion and easy to get angry, feeling sad about my future.  I don’t know why and I just keep painting when have this feeling.  Is this because of my negative personality?

I bought an art print from Julie to make me happy today.


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One Response to “My mood and the busy week”

  1. no lunch Says:

    wow, I do have same thoughts most of the time and getting upset, depress easily ……… but all this feelings will come to pass very soon, all ups and downs more like the chart of Hang Seng Index, you would see it goes up and down with different heart beat rate, however, tomorrow is another brand new day. Your work are all excellent and you really did an brilliant job……. NO WORRIES ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, you already started your eSelling business and I am sure it’s the BRIGHT starting …… give you more sense and hope , no need to rely on the present job too much – compare with before, you’re getting improved in future. Keep the pattern up and on, your future will definitely be bright… no doubt. Love, L&AG

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