Millinery flowers

Some of my orders have been arrived this week, mostly are millinery flowers and some lovely lace and tirm…… 



I know there are many awesome antique shop and flea markets overseas, but in Hong Kong, it is really hard to find antique stuffs (like those pretties I see on your blog!!)  My collection are all ordered from international (etsy, online or from you!!)

Oh, I want to fly to the antique shop/flea markets in the world!!


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One Response to “Millinery flowers”

  1. Cori Hoag Says:


    I was just enjoying your fun site. Your pictures are clear and playful. It looks like a wonderful workshop!

    My Ebay store might be of interest…. I am fortunate enough to have hundreds of vintage millinery flowers, leaves and stamens, that might be useful to you, but you’ll have a good time browsing at least.

    Best Wishes,

    Cori : >

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