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Sweet victorian pattern scrap book papers

February 29, 2008

News in the shop!!

I am going to update some of these for sell in my etsy shop ( later today.  These papers are really sweet and all are designed after motifs from 100 years ago and came from Germany.






Enjoy and hope you will love them.


Lovely package

February 26, 2008

I have been waiting so long for this package and I finally got it today!!

Delicious or not?  All stuffs are lovely, especially the pair of wings, the wallpaper, flowers and laces.  I love the shapes of white!!



I am thinking how to improve the sell of my shop.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  I have been trying hard to promote my work on etsy and flickr but it seems not very efficient.

My shop name “Mykonos”

February 25, 2008

I have been asked by many people about where I come from lately.  It’s an interesting question and most of the people guess I am from Athens!!  I hope I am but actually come from Hong Kong. 

I choose “Mykonos” to be the name of my shop only for a simple reason, because I love GREECE!!  I love its ancient mythology, history, environment and buildings, I just love everything!!  I hope I could go there one day with my lover.


February 21, 2008

Dinner with my best friend Lilac (of course with her baby little Grace) last night.

Short gathering but we are enjoying.  We talked about jewlery charms, supplies, other sellers on etsy….. and the jewlery line in my shop (

Lilac gave me the red pockets (her first year) and she also bought me some pretty beads and pom pom supplies.  Thank you, Lilac you are so sweet!!  And I just sent her a package with a surprise!!


Millinery flowers

February 20, 2008

Some of my orders have been arrived this week, mostly are millinery flowers and some lovely lace and tirm…… 



I know there are many awesome antique shop and flea markets overseas, but in Hong Kong, it is really hard to find antique stuffs (like those pretties I see on your blog!!)  My collection are all ordered from international (etsy, online or from you!!)

Oh, I want to fly to the antique shop/flea markets in the world!!

Glitter world

February 18, 2008

I am now working on glitter, mess in my room…..

I don’t have a studio like you (as my home is too small and I don’t have too much space to have a studio).  Actually I worked all things in my bedroom, and sometimes I really find the space is too small for me to work with. 

Hope I could have my own studio to paint and create my work in the future!!



And I am also working on some new yarns.  I really loves the colors, do you?




The signature line of my shop polka dot bead and flowers jewlery have been sold out so fast, and I have just added 2 new designs in my shop ( now!! 



And also, lovely pink and blue ballerinas are also new in my shop too!!  Really great for your crafting project!!


Marshmallow basket

February 15, 2008

This lovely basket arrived to me from New York today!!  I love the colors tone of it, do you love it?  I am planning to put some of my crafting stuffs into it.

I have been ordered so many things lately (my pocket no money now!!)  I will post more and more photos here to share later!!



Happy valentines!!

February 14, 2008

Enjoyed the bear chocolate which was made by my sister last night.

Do you have flower or chocolate tonight?

These sweeties now available in my shop (!!



Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and to the one I love!!

In progress…..

February 11, 2008

I have a big gathering with my family yesterday (we are welcoming our Chinese lunar new year). 

We played games and eating for the whole day.  So much fun and enjoy!!

I am also making a new cake topper during the Chinese new year holiday.  New doggie in progress…..



And some more new pieces of my jewlery collection are now in my shop too (!!  Welcome to take a look!!





Doggie cake topper

February 4, 2008

Guess what’s inside the box?  my new orders arrive?


My first doggie cake topper was sold!!  I am so happy to hear as I have spent a lot of time and heart for making this couple!!  I sent out today in a sturdy box with feather and ribon tie.