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Romantic purple

January 31, 2008

I have received these hand-dye ribons today!!  Aren’t they pretty?


I am planning to do some creations for the coming Easter but I don’t have any ideas yet.  Do you have any suggestions?

The weather in Hong Kong is getting colder today, only 9 degree last night and this morning!!


In the shop!!

January 29, 2008

The weather is a little bit cold in here, Hong Kong for this month (temperature around 12 to 16 degree).  I love winter and I feel romantic!!  So I really enjoy for the time being!!

I have listed some goodies set in my etsy shop (  More will come this week.

Cute little bird pin cushion crafting set


Sweet pink crafting set


Sweet pale purple crafting set


Lovely vintage sheet music paper, fabric & feather package


Sweet goodies crafting set


Vintage orange & yellow goodies egg crate


Pink and blue goodies

January 28, 2008

Some goodies I purchased today.  I am now working on some to be for sell later in my shop (  I will post more photos tomorrow, so stay tune!!



And, received my orders which I purchased from etsy lately.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Love the combinations and they are in my collection now!!  You could find many great sellers in etsy!!



January 21, 2008

I just found too little time for me to do my paintings. 

Actually I could only do my paintings during weekend (the other times I need to get back to my office work).  I am really tired for being here (10 years for my office work in a same place).  

I hope I could do my paintings everyday.

I hope I could quit my office job and do my paintings and jewlery creations.

I need new challenges to my life. 

Hope dreams will come true… 

New jewlery and Valentine’s gift in shop!

January 14, 2008

Crafting creation stuffs in my shop now.  I really love the little bird pin cushion, cute and each one is unique!!

Little bird pin cushion eagg crate package [SOLD]


Little bird pin cushion crafting basket


This lovely couple now available in my shop (  Romantic purple and nice as gift to your valentine!!

Lovely couple doggie


Vintage heart and key necklace


And also, two more new design of my jewlery in the shop:-

Vintage yellow polka dot beads necklace [SOLD]


Vintage yellow polka dot beads bracelet


Happy 2008!!

January 2, 2008

Happy new year!!

I am back after a long holiday!!  I am so enjoyed and fall in love in my painting world.  I can’t stop drawing and painting everyday (I need to improve my painting skill in fact, hehe….).  Time went fast and I am back to the normal work today.

I am planning how to work out a better figure of my etsy shop ( and my paintings in 2008.  Some thoughts in my mind but I don’t know whether they could work out.  Hope I could have some of my new prints to be released this year.