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etsy front page shot

December 25, 2007

My work shown on etsy front page!!  I am so surprised and excited!!



Lovely bird mobile

December 20, 2007

My new creation for this mobile.  What do you think?  Now available in my etsy shop.


Who wants to take care of them?

December 18, 2007

These lovely doggies are now waiting for someone who are willing to take care of them.  You could adopt them in my etsy shop ( now!!


Little Raggie


Little Pink Rose


Little Orange [SOLD]


Little Aqua


Little Isabella


Little Ado


News in shop

December 11, 2007

Full of ideas over the last weekend.  I have made several items and they are now available in my etsy shop (!!

Please come to take a look!!

Miss Hummingbird mobile for Christmas


Lovely vintage flowers and beads bracelet [SOLD]


Darling flowers and beads bracelet [SOLD]


Romantic ivory flowers earrings


Filigree discs with pearl necklace


Lovley bird wreath


Also, items for your crafting projects:

Lovely vintage music paper and fabric package [SOLD]


Vintage crafting package


I have also finished 3 pieces of the artwork collage finally.  I will then concentrated in my drawings and hope I could held my first exhibition next year.


December 7, 2007

Thank you for all of your kind and encourage words to me about my creation!!  I am so happy to hear that all of you love my work in my shop!! 

Actually it is hard for me to build up my shop (as I have spent a lot of times to promote and post the creation of the photos after working and keep working until mid-night everyday).  And now, the selling of my shop is better than before and I hope I could keep it on!!

Actually I have so much fun for making my work, conversation/share my work with others in etsy.  Thank you again!!  Freda

p.s.  I have bought a Christmas gift to my best friend, Lilac (to her lovely baby) today.  Want to post the photo here but I better to keep it secret.  I will give the gift to her before Christmas!!

More vintage goodies crafting set

December 3, 2007

They are now available to purchase in my etsy shop (!!

Great for the coming Christmas holiday!!


Pink Christmas egg crate set [SOLD]


Flower bottles of gold glitter


I also made this cute cloud mobile during weekend.  It’s fun for me of the making progress and you could also buy it in my etsy shop now.