Back from holiday

Back in town and so tired after my holiday.  We went to visit church, museum, shopping and eating everyday!!

Photo of Rom


Colorful and delicious ice-cream:

img_3614.jpg img_3615.jpg

Photo of Venice


Swiss is a lovely and peace country that make me feel comfortable.  We saw snow and went to mountain.


I love France too!!  There are around 120 museums in France and the environment, buildings and Eiffel tower are beautiful.  The time to visit the museums are not sufficient and I am planning to visit again. 

Sculpture in Musee du Louvre:


The park outside our hotel (I love the colors of the maple leaves):

img_3692.jpg img_3694.jpg

And also the beautiful church:

img_3707.jpg img_3706.jpg img_3721.jpg img_3726.jpg img_3714.jpg

Cute window display in France

img_3738.jpg img_3740.jpg

Busy for shipping work today and my new creation for the jewlery.  New pieces will post tomorrow and ready in my shop soon!!  Please come to have a look!!


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